Thursday, April 01, 2021

Men Of The Second Amendment

There have been three well-publicized mass murders in the USA in the last sixteen days. There are marked differences among the culprits.

First up was the murder of eight individuals, six of them women of Asian descent, allegedly by Robert Aaron Long at three Asian spas in the Atlanta area. A Cherokee County Sheriff's Office spokesperson referred to Long's "sex addiction" and believes he viewed the spas as a "temptation" he "wanted to eliminate." Long himself claimed the act was "not racially motivated." We'll see.

That was followed by the massacre of ten people at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, reportedly by Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, whose parents had emigrated from Syria and whose brother describes him as "anti-social"  and "paranoid." (Mental illness is reportedly widespread in this country, the vast majority of its victims law-abiding and reasonably non-violent.)

The last- as of this writing- now has been committed by a man identified as Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, who apparently knew the four victims, killed at a business in Orange, California.

Our knowledge of the suspects and the crimes is currently limited. However, it appears that the first and second were in some manner emotionally troubled, though all three attacks were likely pre-meditated. In the third, according to police, the offender shut entrances to the building with bike locks, which prevented officers from entering.

One (Long) seems to be of a Christian bent, another Muslim, though evidently not especially religious. The suspect in the third shooting incident is almost certainly of some Latin background, one Arab, and the other, non-Hispanic white.  Thus, two of these individuals- as far as can be determined presently- are what is referred to by the "woke" as "brown" and the other is white.

They all are male (of course) but they differ ethnically and are not all equally unstable psychologically. However, they have one thing in common- their modus operandi, and it differs from an incident in January of 2017 when

A man with a knife climbed over the wall of a kindergarten in China and attacked 11 students, according to Chinese state media.

No children sustained life-threatening injuries, according to police. The attack happened in the southwestern city of Pingxiang in the province of Guangxi.

An adult male attacked eleven unsuspecting kindergartners. Result: zero (0) killed and zero (0) injured critically.

Americans are no more perverse than Chinese. In a cliche conveniently accurate, there are good and bad people everywhere, and all that. 

Yet, the slayings in Atlanta ended a week in which there were at least seven shooting events in the USA in which at least four people were injured or killed in unfortunate assertions of the Second Amendment. Give a bad guy a knife and he'll cut people up and send a few to the hospital. Give a bad guy a gun, and he'll kill four people. And six people. And eight people.


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