Saturday, April 24, 2021

"White Cannot Be Right"

In the video (at 2:11) below, Sharon Osbourne can be seen telling Bill Maher "I've been called so many things in my life. I've been so used to being called things but a racist is one I will not take."


Poor (not financially), naive Osbourne. Of course, she has to take being called a racist. She did, after all, have the temerity to defend herself for defending the right of Pierce Morgan to doubt Meghan Markle without being accused of being racist. So, of course she gets this:


Or maybe O'Brien, referring not to "Maher" or a "talk-show host" but instead to "the white guy," was suggesting that Maher, too, is a racist. After all, Maher did explain

What happened was, a few weeks before- maybe the week before, I don't know, I watched it- Mehan Markle and Prinbce Harry gave their interview with Oprah. O.K., then your friend Piers Morgan- he's a commentator in Britain- he said he didn't believe things Meghan Markle said. And then on your show you said "well,he's a good friend of mine and I don't initially agree with his opinion but he's entitled to his opinion. So he was called a racist and lost his job and you were called a racist and lost your job. Do I have it right?

Maher must have been right, because Soledad O'Brien did not dispute what either he or Osbourne maintained.  Instead, it was a sarcastic "good to get approval for not being a racist from the white guy."

This threatens to break new ground.  Soledad O'Brien's take suggests so many possibilities, including

  • education, if not a teacher or student
  • income tax cuts, if (because of the earned income tax or another factor) you pay no federal income tax
  • earned benefits, if because of circumstances you do not collect Social Security or Medicare
  • Medicaid, if sufficiently poor to collect aid
  • defense policy, if not a veteran or active service member
  • gay rights, if not gay or reproductive freedom, if not female
  • some foreign policy issues, such as the Middle East if not Jewish or Palestinian
  • religion, if not a churchgoer
  • crime, if not a police offier
  • voting rights, if not registered to vote, yet or otherwise.

Republicans in virtually every state are trying to suppress black voters because the perspective of such voters is inonvenient. It's pathetic that a few people on the left wish to mimic that approach, preventing other people from expressing views they're uncomfortable with.... because of the color of their skin.

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