Monday, April 19, 2021

Tlaib: "They're All The Same"

In the video below, police chief James Craig, heading law enforcement in the city represented in the United States House of Representatives partly by Rashida Tlaib, can be seen maintaining

Yes, we have seen an increase in violence directed at police officers- not just here in Detroit but around this country. Uh, some of you may ask what's driving the violence, you know personally I think it's the anti-police rhetoric.... Certainly you've heard me talk extensively about the reckless comments by a U.S. congresswoman, in fact, now, too, Congresswoman Waters out of California.

In his capacity leading a big city department, Chief Craig would be especially exorcised by violence directed at police officers.  But statistics on an alleged rise attacks on police aren't readily available. And even if - as seems likely- there has been an increase, that is not the only problem with the claim(s):

What Representative Tlaib is saying goes beyond advocating eliminating police departments, as in "Defund the Police" and in Tlaib's assertion "no more policing."

It goes beyond the congresswoman's  claim that the killing of Daunte Wright by a Brooklyn Center, Minnesota cop was no accident, an absurd conclusion given that Officer Potter stated  "Taser,Taser, Taser! Oh shit! I just shot him." (We are to believe that in the split second she had to react to the victim, Potter decided to shoot Wright and cover her tracks by gasping "oh shit, I just shot him.")

No incarceration would mean that if found guilty, Stephen Nicholas Broderick, the suspect arrested for allegedly shooting and murdering three people in Austin, would not be imprisoned. Tlaib might find it difficult to explain that to the parents of two of the slain individuals and to the family of the other.

It would mean that in the major city partially represented by Tlaib, no individual found responsible for any of the 244 carjackings or 273 homicides committed in 2019 would be incarcerated. Neither would anyone found guilty of any of the 866 rapes committed there in the same year would be sentenced to prison. Wither "Me Too."

Nonetheless, the congresswoman's most serious charge might have been "policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist." 

Tlaib mentioned no police department specifically. Is she referring to the police department in Kansas City, Missouri, in which a social services worker is assigned to each of its six patrol division stations "to help in situations that come to the attention of law enforcement but cannot be resolved by police"? Or is it the Montgomery, Alabama department, whose "Park, Walk And Talk" program is "all about getting that feel for that community and also building those bonds and those relationships"?

Representative Tlaib needs to familiarize herself with the hundreds (if not more) of law enforcement agencies in the USA which take community policing seriously and recognize that "to serve and protect" means to serve, as well as to enforce.

We already knew Rashida Tlaib is an anti-semite. But finding that she also does not believe that there is a major difference among the more than 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the country, that law enforcement should be eliminated, and that no one should be locked up for violent crime goes well beyond. The Detroit metropolitan area deserves better.

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