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Conscious And Calculated

In a story far more significant than threats to two election workers or even to the political process in this southern state

At its center were two masterminds: a clerical worker in a county election office, and her mom, who had taken a temporary job to help count ballots. The alleged plot: Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and mother Ruby Freeman cheated Trump by pulling fake ballots from suitcases hidden under tables at a ballot-counting center. In early December, the campaign began raining down allegations on the two Black women.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, falsely claimed that video footage showed the women engaging in “surreptitious illegal activity” and acting suspiciously, like drug dealers “passing out dope.” In early January, Trump himself singled out Freeman, by name, 18 times in a now-famous call in which he pressed Georgia officials to alter the state’s results. He called the 62-year-old temp worker a “professional vote scammer,” a “hustler” and a “known political operative” who “stuffed the ballot boxes.”

Freeman made a series of 911 emergency calls in the days after she was publicly identified in early December by the president’s camp. In a Dec. 4 call, she told the dispatcher she’d gotten a flood of “threats and phone calls and racial slurs,” adding: “It’s scary because they’re saying stuff like, ‘We’re coming to get you. We are coming to get you.’”

Two days later, a panicked Freeman called 911 again, after hearing loud banging on her door just before 10 p.m. Strangers had come the night before, too. She begged the dispatcher for assistance. “Lord Jesus, where’s the police?” she asked, according to the recording, obtained by Reuters in a records request. “I don’t know who keeps coming to my door.”

“Please help me.”

Freeman quit her temporary election gig. Moss took time off amid the tumult. The 37-year-old election worker, known for her distinctive blonde braids, changed her appearance. Moss often avoided going out in public after her phone number was widely circulated online. Trump supporters threatened Moss’s teenage son by phone in tirades laced with racial slurs, said her supervisor, Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron.

U.S. Representative Adam Schiff- or, hopefully, merely the young man or woman who handles his Twitter account responded

In a Fox Business Report (video below) of July, 2015, Michael D'Antonio, whose biography "Never Enough" recently had been published, can be seen (at 1:32) explaining

He admits that to some degree that this is a method, that this is calculated. So he'll say "look, I could say the right thing and- it's funny, that's how he described it to me. "I know what the right thing to say is but that's not going to get me on TV." No one's going to listen so he'll say something that's a little bit farther, taking things to the next level in business and politics.

It's all part of Donald Trump's public persona but when it comes to its fighting mentality, it's all in the family. I think that it was the idea of competition, of winning of his father wanting his son to be nothing but the best and he's run with it ever since.

It's impossible to determine whether the tweeter was referring to Trump, Giuliani, unnamed individuals making threats, or any combination thereof. But the amateurish psychoanalysis "it's sick" is not helpful.

Sick people, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally ill, need and merit assistance. So, too, do alcoholics and others suffering from addiction, who are typically (particularly by the left) considered to be suffering from a disease.  They deserve our compassion and help.

We have no hard evidence that Donald Trump is sick. Ditto for Rudy Giuliani and their fellow travelers.  Rather, we know someone who interviewed Trump extensively and has continued to follow the man has found "He admits that to some degree that this is a method, that this is calculated."

The ex-President periodically says or does something a little more vicious, absurd, or fanciful than before, "taking things to the next level." He then dials it back because it is part of the "persona" he strategically maintains.

And it works. Not only was Donald Trump once elected to the presidency, as only 44 other individuals ever had, he's the leading candidate for his party's nomination in 2024.  Even now, without evidence, 28% of Republicans "mostly agree", and 40% "completely agree," that the presidential election "was stolen" from him.

Nonetheless, the cry continues to ring out that Trump is "crazy" or "nuts." However, he's far less crazy or diseased than he than he is intentional.  We give Donald Trump too much leeway when failing to recognize and acknowledge that.


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