Thursday, December 02, 2021

Now A Democrat With A God Complex

Oh, good Lord. Or, good Adams, to be redundant. Politico reports

Mayor-elect Eric Adams will head to Ghana Monday evening for a “spiritual journey” he likened to President Barack Obama’s excursion there in 2009, despite a worsening Covid-19 outbreak around the globe.

“My ancestors came over here in the bottom of slave ships,” Adams told reporters Monday, following an unrelated event in Brooklyn. “And 400 years later, I’m the mayor of one of the most important cities in New York.

"My ancestors came over here" as slaves "and 400 years later, I'm the mayor" of New York City. (They were nothing and look how far I've come!)

Not satisfied (except with himself), Democrat Adams wants us to know that his election resounds with people all across the globe, as did election of the first black President of the USA. He continued

I’m going there to pray. I’m going there to do some spiritual cleansing that’s there. The people of Ghana, just like Obama when he ran for president, they’re waiting for me to go.

No one is begging Adams to go to Africa and return with the Omicron variant, but we all like to make an impact in some way. Further, no one asked the incoming mayor to whom he'll be praying, but there have been hints, such as when

During an Easter Sunday visit to the Church of God of East Flatbush, Mr. Adams cited a biblical passage that describes a test of courage under duress.

“I believe in all my heart that this is an Esther 4:14 moment,” Mr. Adams, 60, told the parishioners. “God made me for such a time as this.”

He's not on the level of Barack Obama. He's far beyond that, as God's chosen messenger.

Three days after being elected, Adams attended a celebration, at which he was feted, treated as a "conquering hero," and declared "keep analyzing me. Do what you want. But trust me when I tell you, there's never going to be another mayor like me."

God's chosen mayor, that Eric Adams, though the Apostle Paul is reported to have said "there is one God and one mediator between God and men," and he was not referring to Adams, nor to Donald Trump, who once bragged "I am the chosen one." Like Donald Trump, Eric Adams is a poseur, and bad news.


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