Monday, December 27, 2021

He Has No Regrets

While the year's arguably most famous trial was taking place, USA Today opinion writer Carli Pierson remarked

Kyle Rittenhouse's crocodile tears broke the internet Wednesday.

In a nauseatingly melodramatic performance he choked back snot as he appeared to sob about how he feared for his life the day he shot and killed two people at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Many tweeters were similarly critical, including: "Kyle Rittenhouse makes crying noises while his eyes mysteriously stay dry";  Did he attend the Brett KavaNO school of acting?"; "I love how he tried to sneak a look at the jury after he 'broke down.'"

However, after the trial ended, the NBC affiliate in Chicago reported

Kyle Rittenhouse's defense attorney spoke candidly about the trial and the moments leading up to it after his client was acquitted by a jury Friday, at one point addressing whether or not the intense emotions Rittenhouse expressed on the witness stand were genuine.

Addressing questions over the moment Rittenhouse took the stand, Mark Richards noted that "there's been so much talk about whether the tears were genuine."

"All I can say is when we prepared Kyle, and we worked on his testimony, there were things we couldn't talk about in my office because it got too emotional and he couldn't handle it," Richards said. "He's in, you know, counseling for PTSD, so he doesn't sleep at night."

A jury on Friday found Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts in his murder trial connected to the shootings of three people during unrest in Kenosha during the summer of 2020.

And "worked on his testimony" they did. If Rittenhouse was genuinely overcome with grief during his testimony, it wasn't evident recently when

Kyle Rittenhouse was met with standing ovation and deafening cheers as he took the firework-filled stage at the Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix on Monday.

The 18-year-old waved to his adoring audience as he strutted onto the huge stage at the event on Monday night for a panel discussion on the 2020 Kenosha shootings which saw him kill two protesters last year.

Lavish pyrotechnics signaled Rittenhouse's arrival, with loud rock music playing and deafening cheers erupting from the thousands of young conservatives who'd paid to see him, and who got on their feet to signal their approval.

Crying at his trial, and an attorney claiming PTSD for his client.  This year's award for best dramatic performance: Kyle Rittenhouse. 


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