Monday, December 13, 2021

Fuel For GOP Fodder

Kyle Kulinski correctly criticizes Democrats for using terms such as "Latinx" and "BIPOC", despite their unpopularity among voters. He notes (beginning at 8:12 of the video below) that in a recent poll, President

Biden gets 44% from Hispanic voters and Trump gets 43. This is supposed to be Democrats 70 or 80, Republicans 30 or so. Now, it's almost dead tied. By the way, when you talk to Hispanic voters, I saw there was a great article about this after Trump had massively increased his vote share with Hispanics and, for example, Hispanics in a border town in Texas there was a big flip to pro-Trump in those areas, some of them cited immigration. A lot of these people are just as hardline on immigration as white voters, but one of the things that was cited the most was actually the stimulus checks. They were like "I got a check with his name on it so I voted for him."

See, that's what I'm talking about. You want to win, you do s_ _ _ like that. Now look, Biden did the $1400 checks early on and you know what? At the time he had a f _ _ _ _ _ _ 54% approval rating. Now he's down to 38. So do you want to win back votes? Materially, deliver to them. You don't virtue signal to them and use weird elite academic language. That's what you do. Give people stimulus checks, give people health care, give people free education, abolish student loan debt, actually do universal child care or universal pre-k.....

There are "woke" or "politically correct" ways for Democrats to alienate large swath of voters other than by use of New Age language. On December  9, the day after Kulinski delivered his remarks stressing the need for Democrats to deliver materially rather than linguistically, the New York City Council

approved a historic measure on Thursday to grant hundreds of thousands of non-citizens the right to vote in local elections, setting the stage for a broader battle between supporters who want to expand immigrants’ voting rights and critics who think the move devalues citizenship.

The new measure, which will become law within 30 days if it’s not vetoed or earlier if the mayor signs it before then, is expected to apply to more than 800,000 non-citizens who will soon be able to cast a vote for mayor, public advocate, city council members and other municipal candidates. It covers legal permanent residents who have lived in the city for at least 30 consecutive days and are green card holders or are legally authorized to work in the U.S. They will not be permitted to vote in state and federal elections....

New York City is set to be the largest U.S. jurisdiction to allow non-citizen residents to vote in local elections regardless of citizenship or immigration status, joining about a dozen smaller cities and towns in the U.S., including several towns in Maryland and Vermont. A handful of other major cities, including Washington D.C. and Portland, Maine, have recently considered similar changes.

Please don't tell Donald Trump and his acolytes. Unless the satanic ex-President has been radically transformed, this is right in his wheelhouse.   Attacking critical race theory is no longer fashionable- its moment has passed, mysteriously vanishing after November 2, 2021.

But the GOP will continue its main thrust, now accurately labeled "The Big Lie," arguing that the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate, and in the future maintaining that selected (or more) election victories by a Democrat were rigged. 

Enter a system gaining traction in cities dominated by Democratic officials.

Democrats will plead that the non-citizens cannot vote in state or federal elections. That defense will fall on deaf ears in a country which once voted Donald J. Trump in as President, in which he is probably more popular than his replacement at this moment, and one in which most Republicans still believe their guy had the election "stolen" from him.

Moreover, the Republican proclivity for hypocrisy is nearly unlimited.  Allowing non-citizens to vote obviously dilutes the votes of everyone else, all of them citizens. However, Republicans, eager to create a rift between Democratic constituencies, will charge that Democrats intentionally devalued the votes of blacks.

It's both bad policy and bad politics. Most Democrats have learned such terms as "Latinx" and "defund the police" are tactical losers while delivering material benefits is an electoral plus.  But they will have to learn, also, that they will usher in a Republican majority if they institute not only divisive language, but policies that signal to voters that their own values are to be completely disregarded. 

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