Sunday, July 24, 2022

A Leading Abortion Opponent

In one of those cliched "shocking, but not surprising" moments:

As of a few months ago, the federal government still was investigating the congressman for allegedly having sex with a minor and obstructing justice. Joel Greenberg, once labeled Gaetz's "wingman, " was offered a plea deal in return for cooperating with federal authorities but sentencing has been delayed a few times, presumably while the authorities try to pry sufficient information from him.

Which begged the question(s):


The GOP does have women in their party, even in such elected positions as governor, US Senator, and US Representative. In the latter category lies an individual in caucus leadership, House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York.

It would be especially meaningful and helpful if the ambitious and opportunistic Representative Stefanik, a personal favorite of Donald J. Trump, were to denounce Gaetz's comments. She will not, of course, especially because she is unusually ambitious and opportunistic.

But this is the time, or should be the time, for a woman- any woman- inside the GOP to stand up.  Matt Gaetz and other men are responsible for monogamy inside the Republican Party today. However, the primary responsibility for calling it out belongs to the women of the party.

Men should condemn it. Yet, we should not expect men to denounce what women, who are the target, appear to find acceptable. If a man did so, we should expect a Republican woman such as Stefanik (and did I mention that she is ambitious and opportunistic?) were to step in and defend Gaetz, leaving the gentleman exposed. 

If a Democrat had made a similarly offensive remark, GOP women probably would jump to the front of the line to denounce the sentiment and the speaker.  It's time for those women, if not completely lacking in integrity, to make their opinions known, publicly and definitively.



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