Monday, July 18, 2022

I Went To Riyadh, But All I Got Was A Fist Bump

George Conway tweets “I can think of at least two billion reasons why no member of the Trump family should not be heard to make any criticism of the President on this issue.” But in a way she does not intend, Lara Trump is right

President Trump never would have done the fist bump thing with Mohammed bin Salman.  There was no need for it. He already was in the Saudis' pocket without a fist bump.  As to the price exacted:

Six months after his father-in-law left the White House, Kushner secured a $2 billion investment from the main Saudi sovereign wealth fund — despite the fact that those responsible for helping oversee the fund were highly skeptical about giving Kushner’s firm this money. In fact, they accurately noted that Trump’s son-in-law had no relevant experience, and the firm’s operations were deemed “unsatisfactory in all aspects.”

Aside from the very real issue of a likely payoff to the son-in-law of an American president, there was Trump's visit early in 2017 to the Kingdom. He received an award from Saudi Arabia's de jure leader, King Abdullah, and in return, bowed down to the monarch. Rationalized as a squat, it was probably all Trump could muster, or perhaps he didn't want to get his suit pants dirty. There was also the mysterious glowing orb that President Trump joined Saudi dignitaries in saluting, which no one ever has been fully able to explain. The famous sword dance of the Saudis probably was Trump's favorite.

As Conway suggests, the two billion dollars was likely particularly significant, given that it exemplifies the Trump pattern of corruption and selling out the American people.  However, Lara Trump accidentally uttered a truth.  Her father-in-law would not have been satisfied with a meaningless and superficial fist bump when he could have gotten on his knees and really expressed his appreciation.


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