Sunday, July 31, 2022

There She Goes Again

If Representative Rashida Tlaib hadn't already established herself as an anti-Semite, she'd qualify for the most ignorant member of the United House of Representatives.


 has failed to find the truth. Shireen & her family deserve justice. When Americans are killed abroad our government investigates. But when the murderers wear Israeli uniforms? Silence.

Tlaib continues to fantasize that Israel is an apartheid state in the hope that if she repeats it often enough, people will buy it. Yet there are several members representing Arab parties in the Israeli Knesset and have been several (Christian) Arabs on the Israeli Supreme Court. Recently, an Arab Muslim, Khaled Kabub, became the first Muslim appointed to the court. And it was 13 months ago that Time wrote of

the leader of the political party of the Islamic Movement, Mansour Abbas, sitting alongside Naftali Bennett, the envoy of religious ultra-nationalist Zionism. But there they were with the secular centrist Yair Lapid on June 2, pens in hand, ready to sign documents bringing a devout Muslim and Palestinian citizen of Israel into a coalition government with the two Jewish Zionist leaders. “It was a historic moment,” Abbas tells TIME a few days later from the offices of his United Arab List party in Kafr Qana. “Some people in the room teared up.”

Israel practices a very strange apartheid, indeed.  Moreover, any oppression Tlaib claims Tel Aviv practices against Palestinians is obviously unrelated to "racism," given that there is no clear racial distinction between Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews. Nor do Palestinians constitute one distinct race. 

Decades ago, discrimination against Jews and Catholics was common in the USA. Not all discrimination constitutes "racism," and neither is most criticism of Israel anti-Semitic. But you'd never know it from Rashida Tlaib.


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