Friday, July 29, 2022

Tweet of the Day- Charter Schools

"It's about privatization. It has nothing to do with education," emphasizes a former charter school employee and current public school teacher.


Mr. Johnson maintains that once a charter school has been given its money but realizes a student has special needs, the child is sent back to a traditional public school. The charter school gets to keep the money.

Especially insidious is the growth in virtual charter schools, which has outpaced that of brick-and-mortar charters and which

have a record of low academic achievement, high attrition, and low graduation rates. In addition, the sector has experienced massive scandals, like the A3 chain in California, whose founders pleaded guilty to phantom enrollments and are repaying the state hundreds of millions of dollars. Like ECOT (Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow) in Ohio, which collected $1 billion over 20 years, gave generously to politicians, then declared bankruptcy rather than comply with a court order to repay $67 million to the state for padded enrollments.

Privatization is a scourge throughout society and education is no exception.


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