Saturday, May 06, 2023

Childish in Vermont

If it is always wise to take what politicians say with a grain of salt, it is wise to take whatever Tulsi Gabbard says, especially on Fox News, with a pitcher of the stuff.

Alas, it turns out that Gabbard was not making it up because

On the heels of national backlash, some parents in the Essex-Westford School District let their school board know how they feel about the new sex education policy in one of their schools. And now the governor is weighing in, too.

Tuesday night was the first board meeting since the district announced it is changing how it teaches puberty and reproductive health at Founders Memorial School.

Last month, parents of fifth graders received a letter explaining that educators will now use the phrases “person who produces sperm” or “person who produces eggs” in place of male or female.

The district insists the policy creates a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students.

More than a dozen parents spoke at Tuesday’s meeting. The majority agreed with the new policy.

“I am so disappointed in the anger that has erupted in our community over what amounts to space for gender nonconforming students to feel safe and free and express their identity,” said Mary Brodsky, an Essex-Westford parent.

“I am so grateful my boys that go to school here. They are so much more wiser, knowledgeable than I was at their age. I am so grateful of the education they’re getting to understand the breadth and depth of humanity,” said Alexis Dubie, another parent.

Only two speakers raised concerns about the new policy. One said this concept could be confusing for students so young, while another said it discounts biological facts.

It’s not clear if students at other schools in the district-- at A.D. Lawton and the Westford School-- will be using person-first language in their sex ed classes.

Only be advised that the binder which will be available in the main office for review will not be, as Mitt Romney would have put it, "whole binders full of women" but instead "whole binders full of persons who produce eggs." And if a "person who can get pregnant" is asked what the sex of her person before infancy is, she can say "person who produces sperm" or "person who produces eggs." Alternatively, she can use clear language without making a political statement.

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