Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Tweet of the Day- Silent Tim

It took fewer than eight hours for former Representative Joe Walsh, still conservative but consistently and fervently, anti-Trump, to be proven right.

A few hours after Senator Scott announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency, he was interviewed on NBC Nightly News.  This was a portion of the exchange:

TOM LLAMAS: What do you-- what do you think about President Trump’s behavior after the 2020 election and to-- into January 6th?

SENATOR TIM SCOTT: We can do two things here, we can have a conversation about President Trump or we can have a conversation about my vision for the future. I’m gonna stay on my future, my-- my vision for the future for a couple reasons.

TOM LLAMAS: But it was a historical moment. I think voters deserve to know--

SENATOR TIM SCOTT: I-- I-- actually-- I was actually in there, so I know exactly how historic it was. But what I will say is simply this, that the future that America is focusing on is what I’m gonna provide. I’m gonna continue to talk about those conservative principles that move this country forward with the best path for all of us.

Walsh obviously emphasizes Senator Scott's lack of courage, which is particularly pronounced. However, it wouldn't have taken much for an individual with a modicum of either courage or integrity, if not to criticize Trump directly here, to have asserted that he himself would have accepted the results of an election after exhausting legal options. 

But Scott wouldn't say a thing about "President" Trump- even to admit that he chooses not to say a thing about Trump.  "We can have a conversation about President Trump or we can have a conversation about my vision for the future" is the most gutless response a politician could have given to Tom Llamas' question.... which is why it was given by Tim Scott.

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