Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Party In a Bad Place

In the fall of 2020, President Donald Trump ran for President against former Vice-President Joe Biden. So I hate to defend the press secretary to Mr. Biden when she says "Remember, when the President decided to run for President...." but here we are. 

Krystal Ball is lying.

The Israeli government has not imposed a siege on every civilian in Gaza. It is not mercilessly bombing civilian targets. The IDF is bombing military targets which Hamas has strategically placed amongst civilians. That somewhat discourages Israeli bombing raids and when Israel proceeds nonetheless, considerable civilian casualties ensue.  For Hamas: a win-win.

The people displaced "forcefully" have been directed by Tel Aviv to go south because Israel is concentrating its attacks in the north of Gaza. And the massacre? The massacre occurred on October 7 in an attack which Ball will not acknowledge. The word "massacre" has lost all meaning if it doesn't mean rape, burning babies, beheading adults, and slaughtering everyone in your way. But for opponents of the State of Israel, "massacre" is just an eight-letter word to be thrown around recklessly. 


Asking "does President Biden believe the anti-Israel protestors in this country are extremists?"Peter Doocy was being diplomatic, wherein he could have replaced "extremists" with "anti-Semitic" or "pro-Hamas."  Jean-Pierre avoided answering the question directly, yet accurately equated them with the Charlottesville protests. 

Jean-Pierre cited President Biden's repeal of Trump's "Muslim ban" and effort to address 'Islamophobia,' anti-Semitism, and related forms of bias and discrimination." In the context of recent events, she could be slammed for equating the danger of "all forms" of hatred with that of anti-Semitism, which is growing exponentially and threatening the political viability of the President's defense of Israel.

And yet, .for Nina Turner, the problem evidently is that the press secretary noted that candidate (or as she inaccurately stated, "President") Biden condemned the violent Unite the Right rally and will not tolerate hate as President.

Or maybe that was not really Turner's concern. I suspect that noting that the left- or, rather, ethnic groups the left favors- in its most extreme form present a threat to our basic values is offensive to her.

So maybe Karine Jean-Pierre, in her faltering and barely coherent fashion, desires a measure of credit. There are bigots such as Turner and Ball on her far left condemning her for defending standard, traditional moral values. There are Democratic politicians and pundits who see protests of "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," know that means the elimination of Israel, and turn mute. Representing President Biden, the press secretary decried prejudice. Other Democrats now must step up and denounce the people who would like the Israelis to sink into the sea and vanish from history.

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