Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Word (Words) That Must Not Be Uttered

Tulsi Gabbard is, if nothing else, ideologically consistent about international affairs. Here she is talking to the Wolfman in January 2016, blaming President for "refusing to recognize who our enemy is," whom she identified as "radical Islam."


Her message earlier this week was almost exactly the same:

There are few if any places in American media today which acknowledge the impact of radical Islam on the global scene. For the hundreds- perhaps thousands- of cable news segments about the invasion of Israel by Hamas militants/terrorists, including acknowledgment upon the impact upon the Jewish community of Israel, there is a brazen avoidance of mentioning "Islam" or "Muslim" or even "Islamic extremists."  

That's not surprising on CNN and especially not on MSNBC, home to Ali Velshi, Ayman Mohyeldin, and Mehdi Hasan, at least the latter two who have blamed Israel in part for the calculated, murderous rampage of the radically Islamist Hamas. But even Fox News, perhaps stung by being criticized over the years as being "Islamophobic," appears unable to consider the impact of the Middle East's religious fanatics.

Fox News may have the best motive for avoiding talking about religious extremism because it might elicit comparison with our own nation's religious extremists, usually Republican and invariably conservative.  The unwillingness to engage on that issue is unfortunate, not only because we have not fully addressed our domestic problem, but also because of the contrast between the fanaticism in the USA and that exhibited through the Muslim world, now fully on display in the Middle East.

As a current member of the Science of Identity Foundation, Gabbard has her own motive to criticize radical Islam because SIF is an offshoot of Hinduism, whose adherents presently are at odds with Muslims in several nations. She thus is an imperfect messenger, also because....

Still, Gabbard had a point in 2016, and she does now. Moreover, it would be clarifying if both (or either, let's not be greedy) legacy media and social media at least would identify Hamas properly. Now that the terrorist organization and political entity has made good on its goal of slaughtering hordes of Jews and appears ready to murder hostages, we shouldn't ignore the obvious.

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