Monday, October 16, 2023

Take Them (Politically) Out

This university associate professor obviously is reprehensible. .

Nonetheless, having at a major university one or more instructors who believe the West, and the values of the West, are responsible for all the past and present ills of the world, is not unusual.  With a long-held animus toward whites, Rickford once boasted that he has chosen "to link anti-racism with anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, and anti-militarism," because for some academics, there is nothing that cannot be attributed to an ill-defined "white supremacy."

So we cannot be surprised about the rabid anti-Semitism of some college professors. Moreover, students can choose not to take one of Mr. Rickford's classes, and he represents no one besides himself and, arguably, other bigots in his profession.

The same cannot be said about the members of the United States House of Representatives who 

called for an end Monday to the nine-day-old war in Israel with a resolution that referred to the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack as “armed violence” and made no mention of American hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

The “Ceasefire Now Resolution,” — introduced by Reps. Cori Bush of Missouri, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Andre Carson of Indiana, Summer Lee of Pennsylvania and Delia Ramirez of Illinois — demands that the Biden administration “immediately call for and facilitate deescalation [sic] and a cease-fire to urgently end the current violence” and “promptly send and facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance into Gaza.”

Aside from not condemning Hamas for the mass murder of innocents nor for the Israelis and Americans they stole, the signers neglected to recommend Hamas not use Palestinian Gazans as human shields or block civilians from migrating to safety, as Tel Aviv has urged Gazans.  They could have called for Egypt to open the pass which would allow Palestinians, whom the group claims to care about, to escape to safety. But then, as such individuals consistently imply, full responsibility for mistreatment of Palestinians lies with Israel while the Muslim (Arab or Persian) nations of the region stand idly by.

The timing of the resolution is curious- or rather, not curious at all. It was introduced on Monday, October 16, fully nine days after Hamas launched its War of Massacre. Though Hamas has gotten in its licks by killing any Israeli it could, Tel Aviv has not begun its widely-expected invasion of Gaza in the effort to rescue stolen human beings and destroy a genocidal terrorist group. So now, of course, hoping to turn the global community against Israel and stymie its effort to crush a governing and military organization bent on destroying it, a clique in the House of Representatives issues its call for a cease-fire. They're among US Representatives who rightly decry the insurrection of 1/6/21 as an attack on democracy while hostile to the one democracy in the Middle East.

Say their name(s): ringleaders Cori Bush of Missouri; Rashida Tlaib of Michigan; Andre Carson of Indiana; Summer Lee of Pennsylvania; Delia Ramirez of Illinois; the others, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota; Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts;  Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey; Jesus Garcia and Jonathan Jackson of Illinois; Jamaal Bowman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nydia Velaquez of New York.

Sadly, that group includes Democrats- and only Democrats. Associate professor Russell Rickford probably has tenure and thus cannot be cancelled- fired- and that may be a good thing. But the five Democrats who initiated the resolution and the eight additional ones who signed on to it can be cancelled. They should be challenged in a primary- and not be financially supported by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee- after supporting a one-sided proposal inimical to the interests of Israel, the USA, and to justice.

If they are not challenged in a primary or if they are supported by the party apparatus, a very clear message about the Democratic Party will be sent.  It would not be a pretty one.

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