Monday, January 15, 2024

He Went to a Fight, and Texas Broke Out

I can't see the future, although I believe in Iowa tonight Donald Trump will crush Ron DeSantis and Ron DeSantis will crush Nikki Haley (momentum be damned).   But it doesn't take much to foresee mob violence in our future. An ardent Zionist, usually correct (and always right) about Israel, would not be appalled at this thought:

It had to happen somewhere, and it did when

A brawl broke out during a campaign speech by Texas Governor Greg Abbott after a protester disrupted the event.

The Texas governor was giving a speech in Collins County when an alleged pro-Palestinian heckler interrupted him. While what the protestor said to Abbott is not clear, it was met with immediate boos as a group of attendees swiftly attempted to remove him from the event, which was held in support of Texas Rep. Candy Noble.

The demonstrator yelled "don't f***ing touch me!" as a group of attendees, some in cowboy hats, shoved and pulled him toward the door. One can be seen grabbing the demonstrator's jacket and pulling him before others join in. CBS Texas has reported there were two demonstrators at the event on Saturday, but Newsweek has not been able to confirm this.

The video, which has been posted on social media by numerous accounts, has divided opinion. Responding to a post with the video by political commentator and Donald Trump supporter Anthony Hughes on X, formerly Twitter, user Dianna Dull wrote: "Don't mess with Texas!!!"

This is exactly how it's not supposed to be done- not in a society which values open expression, tolerance- and yes, enforcement of the law. The brawl in Texas represents not only mob violence but also the failure of police to enforce the law. If police sit idly by as they neglect to perform their duty, there will be serious outbreaks of violence which will lead to injuries and, eventually, death.

This guy is wrong on two counts:

Not only turned on the attack on the protestor, he is unaware that "Don't Message with Texas" has nothing to do with beating up people one disagrees with, the state's prolific use of the death penalty, or being a macho, macho man. Rather, it's a slogan promoting a campaign by the state's Department of Transportation urging residents to reduce littering on Texas roads.

Hostility paired with ignorance is not a prescription for a more perfect union or domestic tranquility, and will become increasingly common in the decade ahead.

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