Sunday, April 28, 2024

Also Criminal, But That's Another Issue

Cenk Uygur claims that Bill Maher is wrong that "no one likes protesters for Palestinians," except among Maher's "super-rich, warmongering crowd." However, if Uygur wants to find elitists, he need only find a mirror.

Bad news, Cenk! We "elitist" Americans (actually, YouTube) have the tape (actually, video) in which Maher stated 

Someone needs to tell the people who block traffic in the name of a cause- no one likes you.... In case you haven't seen what's going on lately, activists for ending the war in Gaza have taken to gathering on roads and bridges and stopping commuters from crossing. It happened last week in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle. They also blocked traffic here on the 405- but no one noticed.

What they did notice is this- that you have to be pretty dumb to think that the way to bring people around to your point of view is to make them want to pick up their kids from day care. And that's what most normies are thinking. I have a kid. I have a job. And yes, thee are some injustices on both sides in the Middle East just as there are injustices all over the world but I'm going to be late for work, some thing you protestors on the bridge seem to have the luxury of not having to worry about, which seems kind of privilege-y. You can glue your hands to the street because your hands don't have to do any work today.

Citing being late for work or having to pick up children at day care, Maher could have added "must get a family member to the airport, to the doctor's office or a job interview on time, or to the hospital for a life-threatening condition." 

But he made his point, though to Uygur, it's only elitists who need to get to day care. And only the super-rich, he appears to believe, need to get to work on time. 

Perhaps Uygur, as his own boss, isn't aware of the importance to some employees to arrive at a job at the time required. More likely, his hatred of Israel is blinding him to this sort of reality.  Another reality: when the general election campaign actually begins, there will be seemingly endless video of young people closing down bridges and voters won't associate the criminal behavior with Bill Maher or even the war in Gaza. 

It will be linked (unfairly) to Democrats, Joe Biden and others, and possibly to crime in the inner cities. Dramatized for maximum effect, it will be directed to those "super-rich, elitist, warmongers" who are displeased that their routine or emergency trips, and their very lives, are deemed irrelevant by the protestors who block traffic. The latter will be seen as they are: arrogant, privilege-y, and impressed by their own virtue.


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