Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Don't give MSNBC the credit, other than to allow host Joe Scarborough to bring on as he regularly does, this sober, moderate National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League.

Jonathan Greenblatt explains

I see these videos. I see these images of mass protestors breaking into buildings, barricading furniture, and loo, I'm reminded of January 6. That's what this looks like to me. I mean, we talk at ADL about right-wing extremists, about masked Proud Boys showing up at school board meetings, about Oath Keepers wearing masks. I look at this and this is what I see.


At the tent encampments and the demonstrations, most protestors are not wearing masks. However, some are, in contrast to the pro-Israel counter-protests, in which nary a mask can be found. With spring- and in some cases, summer- weather bursting out across the USA, masks have not appeared because of cold weather or the threat of Covid-19 outdoors.

In the protests which are not peaceful, much of the pro-Hamas crowd is donning masks. The individuals are not children and realize they are breaking the law, endangering the peace of the university community, and actively supporting a deadly terrorist group. Then, keeping one's identity is wise, as many of the protestors (being an insurrectionist does not preclude protesting) did on January 6, 2021.


Greenblatt continues

And let's be clear about one thing. The students who are doing this, the groups that are behind it, SJP, Palestine Movement, their response to the President's speech last night was Columba will burn. I mean, these students, we shouldn't treat them like children when they're hardened activists. 

It appears Greenblatt was referring to the Palestine Solidary Committee and Students for Justice in Palestine. (Such radicals once advocated a Palestinian state, a reasonable demand. Now we are to believe there already is a Palestine. Militant bigotry can blind one to his own contradictions.) And in darkness, a few hours after the 2:00 p.m. deadline set by the Harvard president for disbanding the camps had passed, demonstrators in Hamilton Hall (according to one pro-Israel student)

zip-tied the door handles together and then broke the windows, bashed the windows with hammers and put these metal bike locks around the door handles. They put the bike lock on the first set of doors is what I saw and then they were bringing tables, the heavy black metal tables from the eating area that's right in front of Hamilton Hall, and had a group of people push them up against the door handles as a barricade and then people were also bringing furniture from Hamilton Hall to barricade inside.

All in the name of peace.. Some protesting students do want a cease fire to bring about a blessed state of peace and love. However, the leaders of the the protests, and the groups they represent, yearn for destruction at home and death to Israel. 

An investigation of their funding should be undertaken by the Justice Department because of the  the danger continued chaos poses to higher education and the obvious parallel in tactics to the 1/6/21 uprising.  Violent rebellion must be confronted and resisted by law enforcement and the courts.

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