Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Double Standard

Before NYU business professor Scott Galloway made his cogent points, Joe Scarborough himself spoke sense, remarking

One of my pet peeves- one of your pet peeves- seems to be that, you know, 2,000,000 people have been killed in the Sudan civil war. I haven't seen a protest at NYU for that. Assad killed 500 Arabs. I didn't see colleges burned down. Five hundred thousand Arabs killed by Assad. Sadaam Hussein killed over a million Muslims in wars- gassed them. I didn't see protests there.

Two million killed in the civil war in Sudan is an exaggeration. However, according to The Guardian in February, "tens of thousands" have been killed in the civil war begun in 2023." A report the same month by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights noted there "multiple indiscriminate attacks by both the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in densely populated areas... between April and December 2023" and there had been "more than eight million" people displaced by the conflict. (No doubt the number has since increased.) Even as of mid January, an estimated 500,000 people had fled Sudan into eastern Chad.

The slaughter of Sudanese should bring to mind the Hamas attacks of October 7, 2023. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy noted the "terrorists perpetrated hundreds of individual, purposeful acts of barbarism- executing babies, murdering parents protecting children, raping women as corpses of their friends lay beside them."

While Israel, in response to that devastating attack, is recklessly accused by its critics of committing "genocide," actual genocide is transpiring in Sudan,  Attacks often have appeared to be indiscriminate." In one atrocity last year, "six Arab paramilitary commanders and militia leaders" are believed to have "directed their forces to shell densely populated displaced-persons camps and districts in the city with "rockets and mortars," much of it "directed at the ethnic African Masalit tribe," then the majority of the city of El Geneima. 

Scarborough continued

Yet, your school is shut down now because Israel is responsing to the worst attack against Jews worldwide since the Holocaust. Help us sort through that. Again, I don't know algebra but I'm pretty good at the common denominators here and why there's no common denominators in all of them, just that it's Jews defending their homeland because if you look at the numbers, they don't add up.

They don't add up in part because of the enormity of the attack of October 7, in which Hamas "killed more than 1300 Israelis and third-country nationals, including at least 29 Americans, in a country whose population is less than 10 million. In America, that would be equivalent to killing nearly 40,000- 13 times more than the number of Al Qaeda victims on 9/11." Recognizing the importance of context:

As author Dara Horn explained three years ago in "People Love Dead Jews"

the last few generations of American non-Jews had been chagrined by the enormity of the Holocaust- which had been perpetuated by America's enemy, and which was gross enough to make antisemitism socially unacceptable, even shameful. Now that people who remembered the shock of those events were dying off, the public shame associated with expressing antisemitism was dying, too. In other words, hating Jews was normal.

It is not only American non-Jews who were shocked by the Holocaust who are dying off. It is also American Jews who were shocked (and beyond) by the Holocaust who no longer are alive. The mixture of young, ignorant American non-Jews with the naivete of young Jews, who have grown up in the safety and security of American society, is proving very toxic.


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