Sunday, May 25, 2008

Obama, The "Democrat" Candidate?

Appearing recently in Sunrise, Florida, Barack Obama asserted to an enthusiastic crowd of his determination to win the state in November, notwithstanding a recent Quinnipiac poll which had him behind John McCain 48% to 41% (while Clinton in the same poll came out ahead of McCain 45% to 41%). Nobody flinched when the Illinois senator declared "when we are unified, Sunshine, no one can stop us. There is no challenge we cannot meet, no destiny we cannot fulfill..."

No, he was not talking to a young woman with the cheerful, if a little odd, name of "Sunshine," nor basking in the bright sun in a typical day in Florida. He was talking in the city of Sunrise, despite his opening statement "I am so glad to be in Florida. I am so glad to be in Sunshine."

Enough with nitpicking, even if Obama did make the same mistake again and again- silly mistakes happen all the time. But when a Harvard law school graduate, a smarter individual than most of us could even imagine being, confuses an adjective with a noun, that's more serious. Move over, Rush Limbaugh, (Republican National Committee Chairman) Mike Duncan, Mitt Romney, and others. That was Barack Obama saying "We will work together to make sure that Florida goes Democrat in November and so does the rest of the country." Democrat, Senator, is a noun; surely, contrary to GOP talking point #1, you meant the adjective Democratic. We know you admire the aggressively anti-union, anti-middle class Ronald Reagan and are considering conservative Republican Chuck Hagel for your running mate, but would you please at least pretend to be a Democrat?

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