Thursday, January 09, 2020

Something Serious

Could someone here actually follow up on this story?

On November 17, 2019, President Trump took an unscheduled, sudden, trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Usually transported by helicopter, he was taken by motorcade. Moreover, as CNN reported, "the medical staff would get a general notice about a 'VIP' visit to the medical center ahead of a presidential visit, notifying them of certain closures at the facility. That did not happen this time."

The White House spokesperson claimed the President had undergone a "quick exam and labs," though routine lab work can be done at the White House's on-site clinic.

Yesterday, a little less than two months later, Trump would give a speech following the assassination of an Iranian leader and appear, well, appear off in some way.

In part, it was also slurring of words. In the first half alone in this video of Trump's statement, he referred to Iran's "pursuit of nuclear weaponsh" (1:44); Soleimani's responsibility for "the absolutely worst atrocitiesh" (2:22); "the United Statesh; (3:36)" "Iran has sheized ships; (3:53)" "1.8 billion dollarsh; (4:18)" "killing one thousand, five hundred people at the many protesht" (5:05).

However, Trump's most famous mistake, weakness, or whatever it was occurred with his declaration, at 6:30, that Iran's behavior "will not be tolerided."

There were too few observations such as
After Trump visited Walter Reed, President Obama's personal physician, Dr. David Steiner, told Erin Burnett "the worry that I have is that maybe he's having small strokes. His inability to find words is peculiar and has not been explained and one has to think of it as a possible neurological issue."

Steiner has not personally examined the President and thus his suspicions may not be valid. However, it is clear that there is something wrong with Donald Trump, the White House has not come clean, the media is uninterested, and the public is being denied the most basic information about the President of the United States of America.

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