Thursday, July 21, 2011

Move Along; Nothing To See Here, Folks

Let's call it one of Rush Limbaugh's Greatest Hits. In this case, it is a lie we wish were true.

It was on June 22, 2011, when Limbaugh was reaching to discredit the Democrat elected President in 2000, that the former declared

So the climate hoax has blown up on Algore, so now he's moving to another discredited crackpot theory: Overpopulation. Which is a theorem that has been totally debunked. Now, again, the left lives in theory and utopia. It does not live in Realville like I do.

This, to Rush Limbaugh, is utopia:

Across Somalia, about 3.7 million people, half the population, are facing starvation, with an estimated 2.8 million of them in the south. The agency says an additional 6.3 million in other Horn of Africa countries are affected by hunger.

Limbaugh used the occasion of his show on July 21 to attack Gore both for the latter's activism on climate change and for the unspeakable crime of urging nations "to empower and educate girls and women." Rush, of course, failed to recognize the connection between the two issues. Nevertheless, it appears the crisis in Somalia may reflect a confluence of overpopulation in the third world- exacerbated by inadequate education of girls and women- and climate change. While civil war has taken its toll, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, Mark Bowden,

who recently met Somali refugees walking to Ethiopia, said the problem today is mainly one of successive drought, compounded by global warming.

"They are victims of drought. They are also victims of climate change. They're people who have lost everything after years of successive drought."

Overpopulation has been a problem in much of the world, and it's not lessening. But it is one intimately tied in with economics and birth control, two of the prime issues in which the conservative worldview is delusional. Still, it is notable when a talk show host says something ludicrous on its face and a few moments later reminds us of his farcical outlook:

People, they invest in this. Either it's their personality type or they're making money themselves off promulgating it or what have you -- and for somebody like me to come along and say we don't have an overpopulation problem, and to say it with ontological certitude as I do? Why, that just rubs people the wrong way.

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Anonymous said...

Back in the 1960's and 1970's the UN stated that the worlds polulation was out of control and that by thier estimation the worlds population would hit 40 billion by the year 2000. So the world began contributing to education and birth strategies for devloping nations. Well after 40 years, the system must have worked because by the year 2000 there were only 6 billion people, not 40 billion. I'd say the lefties have this one well in hand, their programs reduced the population from 40 billion to 7 billion today. I'd say this one is a non-issue, it's been taken care of.

What more do they expect out of this?

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