Saturday, July 02, 2016

Conclusions First

Donald Trump (photo from The Augusta Chronicle) is not convinced former President Clinton is honest and trustworthy and

Bill Clinton “opened up a Pandora’s box” when he met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch earlier this week on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport, Donald Trump said Friday, suggesting that the two did not discuss just golf and grandchildren.

The meeting, which Lynch said had cast a “shadow” over the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state and something she “certainly wouldn’t do again,” is a “very serious thing,” Trump told attendees of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

“And as you know, Hillary is so guilty. She’s so guilty, I mean you can read ’em off right here. And how that’s not being pursued properly and I think that he really — I think he really opened it up. He opened up a Pandora’s box, and it shows what’s going on, and it shows what’s happening with our laws and with our government,” Trump continued. “But if you think that he just happened to be at the airport because nobody really — and he may have, honestly, he may have left and gone someplace, but it seems like he was talking about golf and grandchildren,” he said, in reference to Lynch’s account of the meeting. The attorney general on Friday said that she and Clinton also discussed former Attorney General Janet Reno.

The meeting was improper. Fortunately, a President Trump would make sure justice is doled out fairly because he doesn't get caught up in politically incorrect notions of presumption of innocence or due process.   On Thursday he

called for his likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned.

"I will say this, Hillary Clinton has got to go to jail," Trump told supporters here as he slammed Clinton's foreign policy speech earlier in the day in which Clinton called Trump dangerous and "temperamentally unfit" to be president.

"Folks, honestly, she's guilty as hell," Trump said of the Clinton's use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state....

A discussion between an ex-president and the Attorney General investigating his wife could prejudice a case. Evidently, though, the presumptive GOP nominee believes a recommendation to the Department of Justice by an incumbent President would be beyond reproach, for he

also suggested Thursday that if Clinton is not indicted over her email use, he would direct his attorney general to investigate her.

"Five years' statute of limitations, if I win. Everything is going to be fair but I'm sure the attorney general will take a very good look at it," Trump said.

President Trump would make sure Attorney General Chris Christie or any other figurehead would do as told. It's how authoritarians, and despots, roll.

                                        HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

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