Sunday, July 03, 2016

No Dog Whistle Needed

Donald Trump's message last December to the Republican Jewish Coalition was rather clear:

Trump had his spirtual antecedent in 16th century England.  Considering a bill in the House of Commons, a lawyer named Molley representing business interests in London stated before the House of Commons:

Since to take reasonably, or so that both parties might do good, was not hurtful; . . . God did not so hate it, that he did utterly forbid it, but to the Jews amongst themselves only, for that he willed they should lend as Brethren together; for unto all others they were at large; and therefore to this day they are the greatest Usurers in the World. But be it, as indeed it is, evil, and that men are men, no Saints, to do all these things perfectly, uprightly and Brotherly; . . . 

The New York Times on Saturday reported

Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, came under fire on Saturday for posting on Twitter an image of the Star of David shape next to a picture of Hillary Clinton and calling his opponent the “most corrupt candidate ever!”

While the six-pointed star is used in other contexts, including as a symbol of many Sheriff’s Departments, it has deep meaning in Judaism and the image was overlaid atop a pile of money. It appeared to play into the stereotype of Jews being obsessed with finances. After being derided on social media, Mr. Trump deleted the post and replaced it with one that had a circle instead of the star shape.

As pictured above, the campaign since has replaced the six-point Star of David with a circle but Mel Gibson, in whatever sewer he's currently lurking, must be very proud.  "Believe me."

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