Monday, July 18, 2016


"I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve of this message." She shouldn't have. Politico reports

Hillary Clinton released a new ad Monday morning, trying to capitalize on some Republicans' fears of a Trump presidency.

The ad, called "Confessions of a Republican," replicates an ad from the 1964 election with the same name in which a life-long Republican says he will vote for the Democratic nominee. In 1964, it was for Lyndon B. Johnson, and now the same actor, Bill Bogert, says in Monday's ad he will vote for Clinton in November.

There is one good thing about the ad- avoiding the nearly irresistible urge to point out that Donald J. Trump is a complete fraud.  Instead, the individual says  "A friend of mine told me 'just because a man sounds irresponsible during the campaign doesn't mean he's going to act that way.' Well, I don't buy that."

The GOP candidate means very little of what he says but polls indicate the public believes Trump is less insincere than is Clinton, presumably because he makes his statements loudly and vehemently and never acknowledges a mistake or apologizes.  Therefore, painting Trump as radical and dangerous is an easier sell.

But Mr. Bogert evidently is not your friend, relative, neighbor, or some stereotypical "common man" from southern Ohio, southwestern Virginia, or the Arizona suburbs. He is an actor.

There are approximately 146 million registered voters in the USA and approximately 126 million citizens voted in the 2012 general election. Gallup has found approximately 26% of registered voters currently are Republican. It can be speculated, therefore, that there are approximately 37 million Republicans and 30-35 million will go to the polls this November.

Out of  the 30 million-plus Republicans who will vote, the Clinton campaign evidently found exactly zero who will opt for her in November.  Practically off the top of my head, I can give you Brent Scowcroft.  (I cheated.) Instead, the Clinton ad people put on an actor and, to make it more obvious, one recycled from 52 years ago. When Donald Trump gets hold of this, he'll have one reaction:  "Sad."

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