Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not A Tireless Advocate of Women's Rights

Kellyanne Conway is right!

Don't let it ever be said that I won't give credit where credit is due. Kellyanne Conway got it right where she needs to be "right"- at the annual convention this week of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Interviewed by conservative political strategist and columnist Mercedes Schlapp, Conway admitted (as reported by Talking Points Memo)"it's difficult for me to call myself a feminist...."

You can't argue with that, though the Special Counsellor to the President added "in the classic sense," whatever that might mean.  She noted "I'm neither anti-male and (sic) pro-abortion."  As she has demonstrated, she certainly is not anti-male, but rather is adoring and obsequious when it comes to a powerful male who exclaims (segment beginning at approximately 18:25) "thank you, baby!":

Pictures may tell a thousand words or they may be misleading, as is- coming from Conway- "there's an individual feminism, if you will, that you make your own choices."

Those choices, evidently, do not include the ones made by a woman about her own body.  "Classic" feminism, Conway argued, "is very pro-abortion in this context."

Of course, pro-choice is not "pro-abortion," nor is it even the ability to have an abortion any time, anwhere, especially because abortions are unobtainable in 87% of counties nationwide.  Were it not conservative boilerplate, it would be odd for a forced-birth advocate to claim "you make your own choices" when exercising "individual feminism."

That shouldn't be surprising from someone who claims facts are only as credible as "alternative facts" and who has lied repeatedly about terrorism.  Add to that the twisted reasoning that someone can oppose reproductive freedom, yet be a "feminist."  Anti-abortion advocates are many things, some of them, honorable- but feminst, not. And Kellyanne Conway may be many things, some of them perhaps, in a distant galaxy, even honorable- but a feminist, not.

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