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And They Believe Susan Rice Is More Of A War Criminal Than Condoleezza Rice

Rush Limbaugh sees a conspiracy. Rush Limbaugh always sees a conspiracy. It may be the Obama Administration (or "regime," as he calls it), Democrats, liberals, the media, middle class voters- often a combination- but there always is a conspiracy.

Now for Rush as for his Party, it's Benghazi.  Friday, he imagined

Now, the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of stupid people.  And the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of uninformed people and the Drive-Bys are made up of a lot of people with a lot of prejudice. And there are a lot of reporters who will discount Benghazi simply because of who is interested in it.  For example, Fox is interested in it and it automatically is nothing.  If I'm interested in it it doesn't rate any interest, because Fox and me, all we want is to get Obama.

The regret is they weren't able to successfully cover it up.  If anything, the Drive-By media is gnashing its teeth over the fact that the original Fox and anti-standard media version of this, my version, is the one that's real, that the regime has been lying.  They're mad that that has been learned.  So now they've gotta cover it up. So we're into the cover up of a cover-up now.  The media is not interested in the truth of this story.  They never have been.  This has been a circle the wagons event from the get-go. From the night of the Benghazi attack, this has been a circle the wagons moment.  Now they've gotta do it again.

There never has been a cover-up. On Thursday's Hardball, for instance, David Corn observed "still questions unanswered about Benghazi, about the CIA annex there" and "why more should have been done before the fact."

Now House Speaker Boehner has has announced a select committee by demanding "what else about Benghazi is the Obama administration still hiding from the American people?" It will be focused, presumably, on- as The New York Times put it- "whether the Obama administration misled Congress about how it responded to the attack and its aftermath." Twenty months later and the GOP is little concerned about how to prevent future incidents of its kind.

It's not as if the Administration is blameless over the attacks in which four Americans were killed, though if the GOP had had been as concerned about the September 11th attacks which cost nearly 3,000 American lives eleven years earlier, there might have been assumption of responsibility rather than an opportunity to gin up support for a war that cost approximately 4500 additional American lives.  But the suggestion of a talk show host that the mainstream media has ignored "Benghazi" because Fox is obsessed with it flies in the face of an investigation conducted by the media source emblematic of the tradtional media. 

In December, The New York Times published a summary of the findings of its investigation and concluded "Benghazi was not infiltrated by Al Qaeda, but nonetheless contained grave local threats to American interests. The attack does not appear to have been meticulously planned, but neither was it spontaneous or without warning signs."   "Experts" were "distracted," it found, "from more imminent threats," evidently due to "intelligence failures."

Neither the Times, then, nor other objective sources completely absolves the Obama Administration, though in the best tradition of GOP fearmongering and its efforts at ruthlessly exploiting the deaths of four Americans, the temptation to defend the President to the hilt is powerful.   In a balanced (though profanity-laced) perspective, The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur, graduate of the finest high school in the USA, maintains (video below) needed perspective.  The Obamites (Obamians?) "came in here and they fudged things a little bit and said 'yea, yea' it was just a little demonstration."  But, he notes,

They just changed net neutrality... it could effectively kill equality on the Internet; they do warrantless spying on all of us, on 3000,000,000 Americans. They do drone strikes on people they don't even know who they are.

There's a mountain of problems with the Obama Administration.  (But) this Benghazi thing.... get the f_ _ _ out of here with Benghazi.

With his acknowledgement of failings of the President, Uygur renders clear why MSNBC dropped him in favor of Obama toady Al Sharpton.  But he makes clear also that Republicans, on the radio and in Congress, will turn a blind eye to policy errors of this Administration when it's more satisfying and less filling to exaggerate and exploit.


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