Monday, November 10, 2014

Focusing On The Big Stick

From time to time, Sarah Palin goes on a rant which seems to mimic gibberish.  But things are not always as they seem.  Under the subject line "President Palling Around With Terrorists," she recently wrote on her Facebook page

Good God, Mr. President. To partner with Iran is to trust the enemy, which is insane. Iran has complicity in the rise of ISIS as it supports radical militias and arms Islamic terrorists.

You've been the luckiest man in the world, in an un-American Democracy sort of way, to have had the liberal media in your lap allowing you to execute the least transparent presidency in history while they mock and destroy your critics for you. Until now. Even they must see that without accountability you are leading us into very, very dangerous territory.

In the 2008 campaign Sen. McCain and I warned, on behalf of every reasonable person, that your willingness to negotiate with terrorists would get Americans killed; that pulling an anti-Reagan move by taking our Big Stick of strength and putting it in the hands of any foe could be insurmountably devastating for our allies. Iran is one of Israel's staunchest enemies. Mr. President, who is advising you to come against Israel?

What is wrong with you, Barack Obama? You can not pal around with terrorists and expect us to survive. 

Of course, President Obama is not trying "to partner" with Iran but merely to negotiate an end to that nation's nuclear program.  Never mind that "partner" is not a verb, nor that Palin, who believes Obama has decided to "trust" Iran, once characterized as "America's lifeguard" the President who illegally sold weapons to Tehran.

But, whoa! What is that she said about the nation's big stick? Obama, she maintains, is "taking our Big Stick of strength and putting it in the hands of any foe" which could harm our allies. "Mr. President," she asks "who is advising you to come against Israel?"

We now know more about the ex-governor's sexual preferences than we ever wanted to know but her sex life, thankfully, remains a mystery. Among the 45-50 individuals commenting on the post, no one seems to notice what what their heroine is saying, although one man who recommended
impeachment appropriately implored her (or possibly Obama; hard to tell) "Do not sleep with the enemy."

Perhaps instead of recommending the President not "come against Israel," Sarah Palin should discuss with her husband her intriguing Big Stick policy.

(hat tip to Digby, below, photo from Salon; enough of Palin for now)

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