Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And It's A Big One, Too

You have to hand it to John Ellis Bush. Or at least, as Will Bunch puts it, "Hey, maybe you can’t blame the former Florida governor — whose very manhood has been under attack from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump out on the campaign trail for months — for, um, overcompensating with his shiny, 5.3-inch new toy."

After he appeared on Tuesday at high-security firearm company FN Manufacturing, Bush tweeted a picture of an FNX-45 pistol emblazoned with "Gov. Jeb Bush," though later (according to CNN) he "said he didn't know about the tweet but said it was a tribute to his appearance at the company.

Until the media fell in love with the Senator who is his fellow Floridian, Bush had been hailed as a moderate, and until the town hall in South Carolina Tuesday had been the only GOP presidential candidate without a firearm. Hence, his tweet illustrated as well as almost anything could have the validity of Barack Obama's remarks Tuesday- ostensibly about Donald Trump- when the President noted

This is not just Mr. Trump. Everyone's focusing on Trump because he says it in a more interesting way. He may up the ante in anti-Muslim sentiment, but if you look at what the other Republican candidates have said, that's pretty troubling, too. They're all denying climate change and that's troubling to the scientific community.

It seems, further, that the curiously named "FN America" is not even American-owned. Bunch points out that The Washington Post found (as reported in an article behind a paywall) that FN America is owned by a Belgian company "that was requisitioned during World War II to make firearms for Nazis as well as the Allies."

Still, it was quite a coup by the ex-governor, one which says much about both the GOP base to which the candidate was pandering and the abysmal quality of the Republican "bench," celebrated by the media until we actually got to see it in action.   It's not only Trump, and it's not only anti-Muslim sentiment and climate change. In a field which includes Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco "the World Trade Center came down because (of) Bill Clinton" Rubio, it really is everyone.

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