Monday, January 02, 2017

No Bigotry Here. Move Along.

At first reading, it makes little sense when Bill Scher writes "as a liberal, it pains me to say the following: President Barack Obama believes he would have beaten Donald Trump, but he’s probably wrong."

Barack Obama is more likeable than Hillary Clinton, has been a better campaigner with a better campaign team, and as a full-fledged incumbent would have better been able to tout the accomplishments of the last 4-8 years. And even Mrs. Clinton, facing a weak opponent, garnered the most popular votes and came very close to victory in the three states which would have put her over top.

But he presents extremely strong arguments, arguably the most intriguing being

Obamacare looms large, despite the fact that it is one of the most tangible benefits Obama delivered to working-class Americans, regardless of race. Yet the reaction to the program was undoubtedly tinged with racism. Political scientist Michael Tesler uncovered in his book Post-Racial or Most-Racial?: Race and Politics in the Obama Era, that “racially resentful” whites were far more likely to support government-provided health insurance before Obama began his push for the Affordable Care Act in 2009. But once the president led the charge, Tesler found, many “Americans thought blacks would benefit more than whites.”

On" 60 Minutes" Sunday evening, Bill Whitaker presented a report, ostensibly about the explosion of violent crime in Chicago, which no doubt he was unaware bears on the question of whether President Obama would have been re-elected had he been constitutionally eligible. We learn

Gangs, guns and drugs have caused chaos in Chicago for years. But something new caught our attention. There’s been a drop in the kind of police work that law enforcement says is critical to preventing crime. Usually stops and arrests go up when violence is rising. So we went to Chicago to look for an explanation. What we found was a police department on its heels as the city suffered its worst bloodshed in 18 years.

One thoughtful viewer noted

Spend 5 minutes and look up ATF trace data for Illinois and Chicago.  What you will find is that about 72% of the guns traced by Chicago police come from states that allow private sale without a background check.  No matter how strict the laws in Illinois, guns can be easily purchased and transported.

Other comments- far more representative of the group- were revealing and far less informative and included

-Only 800 people shot and killed?  "Well, that's the hood bro!"

-Cultural culling/darwinism at its finest.  BLM, you have a serious cultural problem with your culture and you don't want to deal with it, I'd say the self-killing ain't happening fast enuf.  

-Another biased and disingenuous report blaming the police. Sorry folks, it starts with leadership, and in this case, lack there of. Look no further than the Federal Justice dept, the City of Chicago, and the effects of poor and failing liberal policies. I'll one will need to do is watch NY as this nightmare is going to make it's way their. Tight gun laws that punish the law abiding citizens, sanctuary city policies that basically say that the law does not apply to those that break it, and mandates on the police force driven by the race-bater industry that remove tools they can use to cut this down,  Mix it all together, and you have Chicago. 

-Exactly. Criminals never want to be policed. The major cities in America have been partially destroyed by one ethnic group. Is it "racist" to notice this? Just asking.

-And how is any of this a surprise?  Police are backing down all across the country.  The Black Lives Matter movement is having the effect they desired.  They want police to look the other way, so here ya go.  Police are blamed for enforcing the laws and not enforcing the laws.  You can't have it both ways.  Police are human and they make mistakes, but every mistake is viewed as a national outrage.  Police yourselves because the real police aren't coming.

-So tell me anti-gun advocates this.... Hows those anti-gun laws working out to fight crime in Chicagostan? For so far I haven't seen any armed punks and wannabe gang bangers giving up their guns. Oh bad! Sorry! How silly of me. The anti-gun laws were not designed to fight crime, but to restrict the Law Abiding Citizens of their rights to own or use firearms. 

-BLM, deocrats, and other radicals have about destroyed America. no respect for the law, the police, or anything that could considered responsible government. time for change. 

-So, let me get this straight. It is not the fault of the violent criminal element committing the crimes, it is the fault of the police?

-Here is my four point plan to end the madness. 1.) Make Sheriff Joe chief of police 2.) kick the ACLU out of Chicago 3.) kick BLM out of Chicago 4.) get rid of Rahm and the rest of the Democrat cabal.

And of course there is the the old standard/golden oldie- JacksonSharpton- merged with the new boogeyman, Arabs and Mexicans:

The only reason Democrats care about Chicago (and Detroit and L.A. and Washington DC) is the fact that they can use gun violence statistics to try to ban guns in America.

Obama and #BLM and the ACLU hate the police officers who put their lives at risk every day when they go to work.  They have no problem with the number of officers that have been assassinated by black people who have been convinced of American racism by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama.

As a matter of fact, Obama has been releasing a record number of criminals from prison who are convicted of drug crimes.  What the media doesn't mention is that a large number of these people are violent criminals who also have owned and used firearms in the commission of a crime.

Democrats want illegal aliens from Central America into the U.S., whether they're members of MS13 or not.  Democrats want "refugees" from Syria and all over the Middle East, whether they're ISIS or al-Qaeda terrorists or not.

These were typical responses to a report which was not on Fox News or Breitbart News but on a traditional network, CBS. They belie the conventional wisdom that the President would have been relected, given those swing, working class counties in the election's determinative states which went for Obama in 2012 and for Trump in 2016.

This was not a scientific survey.  Perhaps conservatives disproportionately watch 60 Minutes and respond online to a televised news segment. Still, the common reaction of the vieweres helps confirm that there is something going on in the country which goes well beyond economic discontent, and it is ugly.

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