Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Photoshopped Image Of Joe Biden

Politico Magazine, for whom Mark Alderman penned a love letter to Joe Biden for all to see, "served on the Kerry for President and Obama for America national finance committees and the Obama-Biden presidential transition team, and is currently chairmanof Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies." Alderman writes

....there is one prominent Democrat who can match Trump blow for blow. Someone who speaks candidly and honestly. Someone with media savvy, policy expertise that his plain-spokenness makes accessible. Someone who, if my party is smart, they will find a way to deploy in a quasi-official role: It’s time to unleash Joe Biden.

Get a room, Mark. And keep the groaning to a minimum.   he adds

The outgoing vice president is like Donald Trump, but only in the best ways. Biden instinctively knows how to connect with hardworking white Americans, especially those struggling in so-called “forgotten” blue-collar towns. Unlike Trump, though, Biden was born and raised in the middle class—he is, famously, a son of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a man who still feels pain as he recalls when, as a boy, his father told him he had lost his job.

The only thing missing in this public relations missive is a photo of the Vice-President in a hard hat, clutching a six pack of Budweiser and a bucket of wings because he "is defiantly authentic, a man who leads with his emotions, and says (and does) exactly what he feels, moment by moment."

The Democratic Party,  Alderman maintains, needs someone with Bident's "common touch," who is

a spokesperson who can articulate a vision for the party and win back supporters in the “blue wall” states that Trump breached in 2016—Democrats have a much-needed second chance to pit these two pull-no-punches scrappers against each other. Somehow, Joe Biden needs to be in a position where he can take on Trump personally.

It's funny you should say that, Mark, because Biden already has had a chance to take on Trump personally.    And so  it happened that on January 6, 2017

A challenge by several House Democrats to Donald Trump’s election on Friday collapsed when they failed to persuade a single Democratic senator to join their protest.

The short-lived, doomed-from-the-start effort — spearheaded by Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Barbara Lee of California — came during a joint meeting of the House and Senate to certify Trump’s Electoral College victory. Without sufficient support to challenge Trump’s victory, the Republican-led Congress moved ahead with an easy confirmation of Trump’s presidency. The only remaining step is for him to take the oath of office on Jan. 20.

“It is over,” said Vice President Joe Biden, presiding over the meeting, after three Democratic House members lodged objections but failed to secure required support from any senator. His comment drew a standing ovation and cheers from the assembled Republicans in the room.

Of course it did. That's the standing ovation Joseph R. Biden has been waiting decades to get.   Not the first rodeo for Biden, it's the standing ovation he probably expected, but failed to get, a quarter century ago.  In March, 2014

Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, on Thursday said that as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden did a "terrible job" overseeing Thomas' confirmation hearings in 1991.

Hill said on HuffPost Live that Biden failed to call witnesses and experts to testify who could have shed light on the sexual harassment claims made about Thomas.

"I think he did two things that were a disservice to me, that were a disservice more importantly to the public," Hill said. "There were three women who were ready and waiting and subpoenaed to be giving testimony about similar behavior that they had experienced or witnessed. He failed to call them."

Joseph Biden has had two big opportunities, one as a Senate committee chairperson and the other as presiding as Vice-President over the Senate, to exercise duly constituted authority and do the right thing.  If he knew a little history, Mark Alderman would recognize that when it comes time to stand up and be counted, Joe Biden will sit down.

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