Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All Hail The Commissioner

Responding to controversy after the initial penalty (two-game suspension) he imposed upon then-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell admitted "I didn't get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will."

No, you didn't. And apparently you don't. And so you won't.

After the firestorm following release of the second video dramatizing Rice's knockout blow against fiancee (now wife) Janay, Goodell suspended Rice indefinitely, demonstrating that a king can overreact as well as he can underreact.

In both instances, the $44 million-a-year commissioner exercised supreme authority. And now, in the guise of cracking down on bad behavior, he's apparently determined to do it again. Sunday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported

Adrian Peterson still has not come to grips with the prospect that his 2014 season has all but officially ended and that his future in the NFL is uncertain, multiple sources have told ESPN.

Even if Peterson reaches a plea deal on a child abuse charge with Texas prosecutors, the NFL will severely discipline the Minnesota Vikings star, according to sources.

Peterson is in denial about his future, according to a team source. The Pro Bowler tweeted Friday that he passed a lie detector test, which served as further proof, according to multiple sources, that he "really doesn't get it."

The Vikings do not foresee Peterson in their future, according to team sources, following a botched attempt to activate the running back this past Monday only to reverse course Wednesday by placing him on the commissioner's exempt list.

Peterson faces a child abuse charge in Texas for using a wooden switch to spank his 4-year-old son in May. He has said he meant only to discipline the boy and not hurt him.

Since he is on the exempt list, Peterson can collect the remainder of his $11.75 million salary for this season. However, the Vikings have not disclosed whether they plan to activate Peterson at any point this season.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned child abuse as a violation that the league will harshly punish during his news conference Friday, prompting the Vikings to change their expectations regarding Peterson's potential return to the team, according to sources.

In his tweet (below), Peterson- the NFL's best running back- asserts "I requested the polygraph" and adds "no weapon."  Veteran reporter Mortensen does not say why the "multiple sources" believe either reference confirms Peterson "doesn't get it."  Nor does he explain exactly what the tired cliche "doesn't get it" means in this context or what "denial" (another tired cliche) means here. Does Peterson naively believe he will return to the Vikings this season? Does he naively believe that he will be allowed back into the NFL at some point and at least one team will be interested in signing him? Or is he foolish to believe even that he merely will be back in the league in the future?

We are not told, and we don't know.  After Rice was suspended for two games, Goodell increased the penalty for domestic violence (and sexual assault) to six games.  But instead of imposing this penalty, Goodell sentenced Rice to an indefinite suspension so the running back can return to his profession whenever the commissioner, for whatever reason, chooses. Or never, if the spirit so moves him.

We know the aphorism "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is usually true.  While Roger Goodell serves at the pleasure of the NFL owners, he will be allowed, as his sordid history has demonstrated, to continue in his position as long as the owners continue to make money. Given that the tax-exempt National Football League has a virtual license to print money, it will take either sponsors with backbone or a lot more controversy for him to lose his position.   But kings, we know from history, can be overthrown.

!Note,I requested the Polygraph. Share that as well! May The Lord continue to Bless U All. #EPD#NoWeapon

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