Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not A Church, A Store, A Bank, A Post Office, Or A Private Home

In what is yet another mass shooting in America and probably an act of terrorism

What moved a man to kill three people and wound nine others at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado has not been disclosed. But the suspect accused of carrying out the shooting spree, Robert Lewis Dear, made remarks about "baby parts" to investigators after his surrender, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Dear, 57, told them he has anti-abortion and anti-government views, but that doesn't mean those opinions were his motive for allegedly shooting up the Colorado Springs clinic on Friday, the official said. It's too early to tell, as investigators are still processing evidence.

A white, rural male shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic while referring to "baby parts." If instead, an individual identified as a non-Christian (Jew, Muslim, or whatever) burst into a Christian church and yelled "Jesus is dead" or "the fraud, Jesus Christ" and killed two congregants and a police officer rushing to the scene.

The conscience, as it should be, would be shocked. (And if the assailant were Muslim, there would be calls for retribution.)  Not only would there be only two GOP candidates thus far moved to make even the most vanilla statement of regret, there would be no question as to at least a portion of the individual's motive. Additionally, there would be far less tendency to assign the blame to "mental health," as there inevitably will be in this instance.

We await more details. But theexistence of a connection between the dreadful act in Colorado Springs and the assault on Planned Parenthood, though it will be denied, is unassailable.

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