Friday, October 16, 2015

Reason To Brag

We know him from his boasts.

Back in 1987 he wrote "The Art of the Deal is 'the No. 1 selling business book of all time.'" (Hardly.)

At the National Press Club in 2014, he maintained "I have great feelings of compassion and helping people." In January of this year, he tweeted "So many people have told me that I should host Meet the Press and replace the moron who is on now. Just too busy, especially next 10 years!" (That would take him to the end of his second term as president.)

Shortly before announcing his candidacy, Donald Trump vowed if he became president he would be the "greatest representative of the Christians they've had in a long time." When he did announce his candidacy, it was “I will be the greatest jobs president God ever created" (not only the best, but annointed by God).  That wouldn't be surprising because "the blacks love me" and "I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks" (the blacks?). And of course "the Hispanics love me" (those who don't like border walls, presumably).

There are the endless boasts about leading in the polls, such as when in late July he tweeted "Public Policy Polling (PPP) has just come out with a major poll putting me #1 with Hispanics- leading all Republican candidates. Told you so" (a double brag-:I'm number 1 and in your face!). They rival in frequency the numerous boasts about his wealth.

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter a couple of months ago "What was the last thing you apologized for?"  Donald Trump replied "it was too many years ago to remember. I have one of the great memories of all time, but it was too long ago."

Donald Trump is not a modest man.  But now he has something really to crow about. Alex Isenstadt of Politico reports

CNBC is moving to accommodate Republican presidential campaigns over their demands for the Oct. 28 debate.

On Thursday evening, the Republican National Committee, which has been working with CNBC on the format for the debate, which will be held in Boulder, Colo., began calling around to campaigns to inform them that the program would be no longer than two hours total, according to two sources involved in the talks.

RNC officials also said that CNBC is considering format changes to allow some form of opening or closing statements.

An RNC spokesman, Sean Spicer, declined to comment other than to say: “All debates involve a process of a conversation by the RNC, the candidates and the network. We have been having a very constructive ongoing dialogue with all of the candidates and CNBC.”
CNBC declined comment.

The negotiations followed two contentious conference calls that were held on Wednesday and Thursday in which multiple campaigns expressed concerns about CNBC’s planned format for the coming debate – particularly the network’s stipulation that candidates not be allowed to give opening and closing statements.

The RNC may have had a discussion with "all of the candidates." However, Eisenstadt writes "several campaigns" (emphasis mine) "threatened to boycott the forum if their demands were not met."  Toward the end of the article, we are reminded "Aides to Trump and another leading candidate, Ben Carson, have said that they will not participate if the debate is longer than two hours, including commercials, and if it doesn’t include opening and closing statements."

Not surprisingly, "Trump fired off a celebratory tweet early Friday morning, saying that '@CNBC has just agreed that the debate will be TWO HOURS. Fantastic news for all, especially the millions of people who will be watching!'”

In this case, though, Trump had reason to brag.  This move wasn't initiated by several campaigns, but by the camps of Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Their two candidates clearly had the most to lose by a lengthy debate not only because they are ahead of the pack, but are less informed than the other aspirants (which is quite an accomplishment).

Call it a Trump victory over the RNC or over a major network, NBC, owned by the spectacularly mighty Comcast. Either way, it's not his first, but his second, conquest since formally announcing for the Oval Office.

Following the first GOP debate, in which Trump slammed Megyn Kelly for asking a "ridiculous" and "off-base" question,  he charged (video below) on CNN that the anchorperson was "highly overrated" and a "lightweight" and at the debate had "blood coming out of her wherever."  He did not retract his remark or apologize.  Kelly, devoid of self-respect (otherwise, of self-awareness), remains at FOX News while Trump still pops up on the network.

For many Republican voters, nothing is more important than strength and success. Trump stood up to the cable news rating giant and won. He now has stood up to NBC and the RNC and won. Despite Donald Trump's enormous failings as a human being, he is what he always has claimed to be: a winner.

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