Thursday, January 30, 2014


Perception is reality, some say. Actually, perception isn't reality, or they would call it "reality."  Still, none other than the third ranking Democrat in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street), apparently does believe perception and reality are synonymous.

All through the media- sports and otherwise- one hears references to the Super Bowl (or "The Big Game") as being in New York, even to be played in New York (or, more specifically, New York City).Accordingly, Blue Jersey has caught Schumer tweeting a welcome to the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and the worldwide media to "the greatest city on earth."

As a New Jersey resident, I say: Bravo, Senator Schumer.  It's time East Rutherford is recognized as the greatest city on earth. Or given that East Rutherford (where the game Sunday will be played) is a suburb, perhaps Schumer meant Jersey City, NJ, where the organizations of the Broncos and Seahawks are being sheltered.

But if Chuck Schumer really was referring to New York City as "the greatest city on earth," perhaps he should explain why (choose one):  a) NYC had been conducting a racially discriminatory stop-and-frisk program; b) NYC had to conduct stop-and-frisk of some sort; or c) both.  It's a great city for Schumer's pals in the financial industry to make millions, not so good for some of the others who have to live there.

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